A family portrait taken on the cliff tops overlooking the sea, featuring the founders of The Eden Collections.

Our Story

For many years now, my family and I haven’t had any nasty chemical in our bathroom. Especially not in our skincare products.

The Eden Collections journey has started with my bath bombs. When I tried my friend's homemade bombs for the first time, I loved that my skin was soft like a baby’s after the bath. As I didn’t have the opportunity to have more from her, during the first lockdown I decided to make some for myself…for my family… for my friends… why not for everyone? They are beautiful, 100% natural with divine scent and everyone deserve them.

  • Ingredients

    I have super sensitive skin and it is really important to me to use and work with only the highest quality natural ingredients.

    Your skin is your largest organ and it is essential to take care of it and spoil it with amazing ingredients from the mother nature. Oh, there are plenty! We are so lucky.

    Therefore I use only the highest quality clean ingredients. Mainly organic butters like shea, coconut and cocoa butter, amazing oils such as avocado, strawberry seed, rosehip, watermelon seed oil, pure essential oils and organic salts. I try to show your skin as many variants from Mother Nature’s goodness as I can.

  • Secret messages

    Did you know that my bath bombs are not only beautiful, enriched with organic butters and pure essential oils but they hold a hidden message inside, too? Wow!

    I am a positive person and not only our skin but also our soul needs care and love so I decided to put positive, encouraging quotes into the bombs. I believe you will always read the words you need to read in that moment. Sometimes I ask and can’t wait for the answer to pop out from the middle of my Secret Bath Bomb.

The ingredients of The Eden Collections Secret Bath Bombs, laid out on a wooden worktop, featuring a rose secret bath bomb.

The Eden Collections

With time, my hobby became a mission to create and provide healthy, effective wellness products
designed to improve the skin health, as well as improve the overall
lifestyles of my customers. I believe that everyone deserves only the highest
quality clean ingredients in their skincare products and also the self care
routine they bring with themselves.
This is how The Eden Collections was born. A wonderful at home spa experience with all the luxury and quality that your body and mind deserve.

Don’t forget your feedback means the world to me and please spread the word…

Love x

Thank you for supporting our small family business.