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Deluxe Gift Set - 1x candle 1x facial oil 1x soap 1x bath bomb in gift box

Deluxe Gift Set - 1x candle 1x facial oil 1x soap 1x bath bomb in gift box

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Please use the note box above to request the scents you would like. If you don't write a note I'll send a beautiful selection of my choice. 

This package includes:

1x Candle with rapeseed wax and essential oils (160g/30 hours)

1x Facial Oil (30ml)

1x Handmade Botanical Soap (120 g)

1x Secret Bath Bomb (120g)

1x Deluxe Gift Box

A special occasion calls for something special: our Deluxe Gift Set. Perfectly packaged in a sophisticated gift box, it's the ideal way to show your love. Containing a luxurious candle, one handcrafted botanical soap, one Secret Bath Bomb and the most amazing Luminous Facial Oil, this selection will make a thoughtful present. Enjoy the highest quality ingredients, lovingly crafted with attention to detail, for the ultimate luxurious experience.

About the candles. These amazing, special candles are available in my Deluxe Gift Sets only. They are made with sustainably sourced, vegan rapeseed wax from the UK, wooden wick and scented with pure essential oils. Burn time is up to 30 hours and they can fill a spacious double room sized place with their divine scent. 

Meditation: If you find it hard to switch off your active mind then this candle can help you with its ultimate calming scent. This blend contains lavender, thyme and ylang-ylang.

Amalfi Coast: The freshest, zestiest pick-me-up. This blend is a punchy combination of bitter orange, grapefruit, and lime, grounded by the earthy notes of cypress.

Borrowed Heaven: This candle contains essential oils that embodies qualities of compassion, empathy and love. The blend of maritime pine, ylang-ylang and geranium will take you to a happy place. 

Scents & Ingredients

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How To Use & What To Expect

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Keep your soap in a soap dish that allows water to drain away to prolong the life of your soap and prevent them from getting soggy.
Before using, keep it in a cool and dry place.

As my soaps are lovingly handmade, they may vary slightly in appearance – but this makes artisan soaps unique.



Let the candle burn until the wax melts out to the edges of the container, otherwise pool wax will tunnel down the center of the jar instead of across the jar.

Burn it for at least 1 hour to let it fill the room with its scent.

Useful Tips


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